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Supported Software
- Windows 10|11 x64

Supported Hardware
- Intel/AMD CPU
- Nvidia/AMD GPU

- Tag ESP (Name, Health, Distance)
- Weapons ESP
- KIlls Num ESP
- Skeleton ESP
- Snap lines ESP
- Minimap Radar ESP
- Spectators ESP
- Admin, Moderators, Partners ESP
- Vehicle ESP (Fuel, Health)
- Loot ESP (Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Scopes, Heals & Boosters, Ammo)

- Accurate Aimbot
- Prediction
- Visibility & Weapon checks
- Target Allies & Knocked players
- Compensate Recoil & Sway
- Distance and Field of View Limits
- Smoothing & Clamping
- Delay on attacking next enemy (Humanized aimbot)
- Aimbones (Auto, Head, Neck, Chest, Stomach, Pelvis, Left/Right Arm, Left/Right Leg)

- Rage feature: Disable player collision when jumping (getting inside walls)
- Extra: Flags ESP

For more details you can visit:

Contact info: [email protected]
Discord: Ch#5320

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Splitgate + PUBG working fine <3

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1 month ago

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Automatic feedback after 7 days

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2 months ago

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naprawdę działa

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3 months ago

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